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Finger on the Pulse

Finger on the Pulse

With an eye for details and for the big picture, we create unique solutions for sustainable mobility. With our innovative approaches, we shape the future together with our customers.
Reliable partnership

Reliable partnership

For many years, we have maintained a trusting and collaborative relationship With our customers and business partners. We communicate transparently and clearly. Punctuality and quality are our top priorities.
Taking responsibility

Taking responsibility

We tackle and master challenges as a team. Self motivated working and continuous development are the key to our success. We actively drive topics forward and celebrate our achievements.
Trusting each other

Trusting each other

Our teamwork is based on trust. We address problems honestly and solve them together. Respectful cooperation as well as an open working atmosphere are important to us, and this is also appreciated by our customers.

This makes us special in the eyes of our employees:

«They all put their heart and soul into their work, something that the customers also appreciate.»
«Everyone takes on jobs that match their skills.»
«There’s a great sense of individual responsibility, also among team members. Covid-19 has shown that working from home is feasible, with even more individual responsibility.»
«My work makes sense because it contributes to sustainability and environmental protection.»
«Employees meet outside the workplace for joint leisure activities.»


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Launch your career with Trapeze today

To the job vacancies

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